Presented at The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 2006.
To hear the sound piece please go to VIDEO/AUDIO at this site as well
Presented at the exhibition E=mc2, curator Miguel Amado at the National Museum of Science ant Technology, Coimbra, Portugal 2005
Drawings presented at API NY,  Dwight Hacket projects Santa Fe New Mexico and Modulo gallery Lisbon
Presented at the National Natural History Museum, Lisbon, 2004
Presented at Location One, New York 2004
Presented at the exhibition Breadmatters, curator Inês Amado and Ann Devoran at the West Cork Arts Center, Ireland, 2005

Presented at Lugar Comum- Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena, Portugal 2004

presented at Kunsthale Bethanien, video screening integrated in the exhibition Expect the World moin non plus. Curator Ana Pinto, video project organized by Alexandre Estrela. 2003